Introducing the Lundbeck Institute Campus

Prof David Nutt, chair of the editorial board for the Lundbeck Institute Campus, welcomes you to the site

Our age is rich in information and the range of sources available. But with that richness come fragmentation and the danger that much of the information we encounter is of questionable quality. So there is great merit in having a single reference point that brings our growing wealth of knowledge under one roof and offers the assurance of expertise. The Lundbeck Institute Campus aims to fulfil this role for several topics that are central to psychiatry and neurology.

For mood disorders and schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, the Lundbeck Institute Campus provides a valuable and authoritative learning and teaching resource for psychiatrists and neurologists. The Campus also welcomes visits from general practitioners and allied health professionals with specialist interest in these areas.

The site focuses on fostering disease awareness and the impartial provision of clinically relevant information and informed opinion. It has a particular interest in crucial themes such as comorbidities, cognition, treatment resistance, adherence and quality of life -- but also neurobiology and neuropharmacology -- that extend across therapy areas.

Campus content comes in a variety of forms – features include written articles, slide-sets with speaker notes, audio clips and references with comments that explain context. All are regularly updated and routinely interlinked to maximize flexibility and ease of use. The site also provides access to image and slide libraries. We hope that the tools provided will help with your own face-to-face medical education activities.

The Lundbeck Institute Campus is brought to you by the Lundbeck Institute, a well-established educational forum, providing accessible high quality medical education at seminars worldwide for the past 20 years. It is provided by H. Lundbeck A/S, a global pharmaceutical company with over a century of experience in developing treatments to reduce the global burden of psychiatric and neurological disorders. The site builds on the Lundbeck Institute’s many years’ experience of providing medical education with integrity and to high scientific standards. It furthers the Institute’s aim of facilitating the sharing of knowledge and professional collaboration.

The new Institute Campus is overseen by an independent editorial board, which it is my privilege to chair. The Board (Serge Gauthier, Philip Gorwood, John Kane, Shen-Yang Lim and myselfhas the role of providing content as well as supervising the site.

We are delighted to welcome you to the Lundbeck Institute Campus.

Professor David Nutt

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